Before you make that investment, call the AA for a pre-purchase report with advice from an industry expert

Before you make a £50,000 to £500,000 investment, call the Angel Advisors for a second opinion. For £3,000 fixed fee, we will look into the business and give you a report on all the risks we can see in it before you invest.

  • Like asking the AA to check a car before you buy it, we look for issues you might not have spotted.
  • Cost £3,000 up front fee.
  • Click here to see some of the specialists we will choose from to give industry specialty knowledge.
  • This is intended as a ‘second opinion’ service where you are close to considering an investment already. We also offer a 'first opinion' service. For £5,000 for ten, we will we look through cold business plans and give you a one page summary report on each to help you decide which ones to spend your time and attention on.
  • We don't guarantee to find every flaw with a prospective investment, and particularly we are not seeking to uncover fraud or sophisticated deception. What we do do is find out your aims and objectives as an investor, find out what you like about this company and what risks you are aware of, and act as devils advocate: meeting the key executives, giving market intelligence with the help of one of our industry insiders and thinking of everything we can that could go wrong. We will then present a case for those pessimistic scenarios in order to give you a wider perspective on the investee before you make your final decision.

Angel Advisors

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Scalable Property is a network of experts led by Charles Leach CFA, who trained as a financial analyst at Credit Suisse First Boston.

Charles is an experienced entrepreneur with investments in companies in the music, hospitality and web development industries. He also has specific experience in property, agriculture, waste and renewable energy. His success in raising funds, often in difficult situations, is down to his commitment to understanding the business in detail, together with an ability to present a clear and comprehensive analysis of the business that addresses all the questions lenders and investors want to have answered.

There is an abundance of money in the world looking for a good return, and there is a surplus of good quality companies unable to find the growth funding they need. Scalable Property was set up to help bridge that gap: to help good quality companies and investment strategies find the funding they need, and to help investors find the high quality investments they may not have found through their usual sources. Scalable Property is sincere about getting to know businesses and solving its clients' problems. Pricing is transparent and strongly success based. Consequently we are selective about the business we take on.

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