We offer a variety of emergency funding options when timing is urgent and you need the cash now

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Emergency Funding

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Scalable Property is a network of experts led by Charles Leach CFA, who trained as a financial analyst at Credit Suisse First Boston.

Charles is an experienced entrepreneur with investments in companies in the music, hospitality and web development industries. He also has specific experience in property, agriculture, waste and renewable energy. His success in raising funds, often in difficult situations, is down to his commitment to understanding the business in detail, together with an ability to present a clear and comprehensive analysis of the business that addresses all the questions lenders and investors want to have answered.

There is an abundance of money in the world looking for a good return, and there is a surplus of good quality companies unable to find the growth funding they need. Scalable Property was set up to help bridge that gap: to help good quality companies and investment strategies find the funding they need, and to help investors find the high quality investments they may not have found through their usual sources. Scalable Property is sincere about getting to know businesses and solving its clients' problems. Pricing is transparent and strongly success based. Consequently we are selective about the business we take on.

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